Week 5 on HRT

What’s changed?

Not much that I know of. One change from week 3 to now is my nipples are getting tender. They’re not sore, but they are more tender than normal. Like I feel my t-shirt on them quite strongly. Also touching them is much more sensitive, and they react strongly to temperature now.

Tanner stage one is pre-hormones. All breast growth is measured in Tanner stages 1-5.

My nipples are telling me this is the start of tanner stage two. This is defined as:

"After 6-8 weeks of hormone treatment subareolar nodules can be (painfully) felt and the nipple becomes very sensitive."

Yay. So then?

After about three months breast buds will visibly start to form.

There is an elevation of the nipple and surrounding breast area as a small but increasingly obvious mound, and the areola diameter may begin to enlarge.  Milk ducts inside the breast begin to grow.

So that’s around November 25th for me. I get mini-boobs for xmas!

Stage three is around six months on hormones. So for me, around about February 24th 2012. What can I expect at stage III?

There is further enlargement and elevation of the breast and areola (with no separation of their contours).  The areola may begin to darken in colour.  The milk ducts give rise to milk glands that also begin to grow.

Stage 4 takes around 2 years to get to. So August 2013. In winter 2013 is when I’ll have a boob job, if I need one.


Started August 26th taking HRT to be MtF. End of this week. the 23rd, will be 4 weeks!

My how time flies.

Changes? More emotional, as in both feeling and expressing emotion. Also my sex drive is way down.

My chest  has something going on. It’s slightly more swollen than it was, I guess I should start measuring but to do that I’d need something to measure with :P

My nipples react more to temperature and touch than they did. Also they are easy to see now through a t-shirt. More at the end of the week o0n my changes I guess.


Might go tan in a bikini. I want to have bikini tan lines ;)

Week One Pt1

Part one because I’ve not finished week one.

It has been 5 days since I started taking hormones. Spiro, Progesterone, Estrogen.

So what’s changed in 5 days. Phew I get hot. Always been hot, now I feel like I’m baking sometimes.

Something is going on in the boob zone. Not growth, of course, as that takes three months or so. But something. They are a tiny bit more tender. Nipples slightly more puffy.

Something is definitely going on in the cock zone. Erections are already more rare. Last two days I didn’t get morning wood. Co-incidence? Probably. We’ll see. When I get hard it is not as hard as I used to get. Still works just fine though! Though my come is a little more clear.

I have the constant ‘head pressure’ that people say you get. Not quite a headache, but you know it is there. I feel better though, actually more emotionally level, which I didn’t expect. Though that might be because it’s early days.

More later.


Yes the title is deliberately provocative. Shemale? Not Transgender? How dare you!



Cravings is the word you should be looking at. It adds to the implied sexuality, not that this is a pure porn Tumblr because it is not.

Cravings for change? For pizza? WHAT CRAVINGS!

Well we’ll find out together.


Photo site? Blogging site? Does anyone care? Tumblr seems to be mostly porn anyway.